EVE Online
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EVE Community

Warp Drive Active – Comic and Blog
The Mittani – News, Blog, Features, Propaganda, includes other MMOs
EVE News 24 – News, Blog and some more Propaganda
Battleclinic – News, Killboard, home of EVEMon and GTK-EVEMon
EVEFit – Home of the PyFa Fitting Tool, works on Linux, Mac and Windows
There is also the more common EFT. New releases will be announced at the Ships & Modules section of the EVE Boards, so keep an eye open.
DotLan Maps – Maps, Route- and Jump-Planers, political overview
EVE Files – before YouTube there was EVE Files, made by the famous Chribba
EVE Offline – also by Chribba, shows Server status and populations

EVE on Linux

EVE Online on winehq AppDB
Linux subforum on EVE Boards

DUST 514

That other game where you get shoot by EVE Players.